Speedplay Zero Titanium Replacement Spindle Measurements

As part of a bike upgrade I became interested in rebuilding Speedplay Zero pedals (older style). My bit of obsession lead to buying Japanese bearing from Misumi and measuring the original, Ebay and AliExpress shafts to check for proper bearing fit.

Assembly Instruction

The best set of instruction including bearing sizes I found //weightweenies.starbike.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=81464

Bearings Used

All bearing purchased from Misumi, links provided

Titanium Shafts

Shaft Measurements

TypeStockStockBlue TiBlue TiBlack TiBlack TiSilver TiSilver Ti
SupplierSpeedplaySpeedplayEbay HonestLife2020CyclingManCyclingManCyclingManCyclingMan
Larger Deep Groove6.9896.9886.9936.9886.9856.9856.9926.991
Smaller Deep Groove5.9875.9865.9925.9865.9845.9855.9915.99

I was very happy with the overall accuracy of the eBay and AliExpress titanium shafts. They assembled well and felt very smooth with little to no play in the shaft

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